You don’t need to be a CPA, like Waukesha’s Chris Kapenga, to be in the State Senate—but the bottom line is…it sure helps.

Rep. Kapenga has helped save billions for taxpayers, by fighting for Act 10 . Kapenga and the CPA caucus exposed a billion dollar secret UW slush fund . Kapenga was a leader on Right to Work …more money in the pocket and greater workplace freedom.

Kapenga is always watching the bottom line, now trying to save taxpayers $300 million by ending costly Prevailing Wage Laws.

It shouldn’t take a CPA to figure out saving taxpayers money is the right thing to do, but it sure helps. The bottom line, on June 23rd, Waukesha needs a CPA in the Senate, Waukesha needs Chris Kapenga.

Paid for by Taxpayers for Kapenga