TITLE: Kapenga: Actions Speak Louder (:60)

Republican Rep. Chris Kapenga wants to earn your vote as the next senator in Waukesha’s County. You might not know Rep. Chris Kapenga–but you know his work:

• Kapenga saved taxpayers billions by fighting for the passage of Act 10
• Kapenga & the CPA caucus discovered a billion dollar secret UW slush fund
• Kapenga lead the charge on Right to Work

Now Kapenga’s fighting powerful special interests—looking to save taxpayers $300 million annually by eliminating prevailing wage laws .

Kapenga has the Right Record and the Right Plan for Waukesha County’s, 33rd Senate District.

Now a days it’s a far too easy to find that back-slapping politician that’s really good at making promises. Actions Speak Louder than Words…and that’s exactly why Waukesha needs Kapenga in the State Senate.

On June 23rd, if the Right Record and the Right Plan are Right for you, well-then- Rep. Chris Kapenga is proud to have earned your vote for State Senate, Waukesha County.

Paid for by Taxpayers for Kapenga